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Just before Rick closed the shop for the up coming Chinese New Year.  He told me he finally got his hands on the real deal Ralliart Swag that everyone has been asking about.  Myself included.    Since I walk around with tablets and computer gear all day.  This came as a real treat for me.  I think I was his first customer.   :)   Rick has this posted up for sale on his Ebay store.  Check it out at

Here are some pics from his webstore.

Wanna show some Mitsubishi love while charging your phone or tablet?

Wanna show some Mitsubishi love while charging your phone or tablet?

Rick Chong has had a busy summer schedule.  Working on new mods for the lancer and getting into new projects for other cars.  But one of the new things he showed me that I just had to jump on was this Mitsubishi branded charge.  The thing that make me go crazy over it is that it would change different devices with one star adapter.  Rick says that this universal charger is a 6 in 1 adapter with retractable USB cable.  😉 Nice!

My girlfriend is an Iphone type,  I am a Blackberry / Android type of guy.  Great!  We both can charge our devices with it.

Your can order it now via Ricks Ebay webstore for about 30 bucks.  It is a novelty gift item as well. :)  Visit

Rick Chong's Upgraded armrest is in!  Reviewed

Rick Chong’s Upgraded armrest is in! Reviewed

Rick sent over the armrest pretty quick.  Shipping was pretty quick via EMS (5 days from Singapore).  Rick said he send over the step by step instructions for installing this wonderful mod. But because I felt like a kid on Xmas day I couldn’t wait and took matters into my hands.   Now keep in mind this install is the shortcut method and isnt recommended.  Rick will soon post official proper instructions in a week or so.


So this is what I started with.  A cluttered center console area and an oem armrest that wasn’t really good for anything. To small to use as an arm rest and too limited in storage use.

Last weekend I took the time to install my armrest.  I looked for easy access points to remove the old one and here is what i found.

First i looked at the construction / integration of the armrest hinge and decided to attack this from the back.


I then used a flat screw driver to access the hinge of the armest from the back side. As you can see from the picture above the back of my center console already looks like crap.  So further scratching was the last thing on my mind.  But with extra care you can access open the rear section pretty easy.  There are 3 large bump clips along the top and about 4 on each side of this panel.


After popping the clips you will notice that the panel doesnt fully disconnect.  Near the bottom there are two screws that keep that panel captive.  :(


I decided to break one of the clips held by the screw seen in the picture above. The logic was that those screws were not needed to hold the back panel in place.  There were a dozen clips on all 3 sides.


After exposing the work area.  A philips screw driver will be your next best friend.  There are 5 screws that hold down your armrest hinge.


Start with the pair smaller screws first and work your way to the group of 3 larger screws.


Once you got the hinge off the arm rest comes right out.


Right away you can see the size difference of the armrest.  Oem on the right and the newer deeper + longer armrest on the left.




Once you fit the new armest on, reverse the steps with the screws and push the back plate back in to place.


The only mistake I made at the end was using the screw driver to ease the plate back.  Dont.  Just use a fist and punch it into place.

And presto.  You are done!

The two major benefits once again.


* Utility storage space is priceless for storing valuables or your wallet,  especially if you cup holders are already full.



* armrest extension reach is perfect.  And wide enough for your passenger to utilize without making elbow contact.  Unless you have monster arms.  Either way it will make your lancer or Evo more comfortable to drive.

As a review here is how i score this type of mod.

The utility value factor of this mod is high.  It adds needed storage space to the lancer/evo.  The factor space is decent but you tend to fill it with cellphones, keys, or other crap we drop in our cars.  Where there is room for improvement is expanded the utility compartment to fit large smart phone like the samsung note.

I have a Sony Xperia S and my phone fits perfectly.  It is of good average smart phone size.

This armest is an upgrade over the oem style armrest.   It is made of a leatherette with stitching and has a decent feel to it.   It is padded well but could use more to make it perfect.  It is still comfortable enough to not bruise yoir elbow with extended use.  The reason why this gets an 8 of 10 is because the armrest extends out to better support your arm.

The price point is attractive at 250 shipped.  And here is my simple logic.  My Lancer and EvoX project cars are 4 years old and I do a hell of a lot of driving.  And anything that makes ot easier and more comfortable is very important to me.   It’s not for everyone.  Some wont care about comfort or storage but i know for a fact driving with this mod is addictive and I notice it not there when i switch vehicles.

Looking to order Rick’s arm rest upgrade.  Email him at

Or visit his ebay store

K&N intake meets Rick Chong's improved intake duct scoop for the Lancer.

K&N intake meets Rick Chong’s improved intake duct scoop for the Lancer.

I have been putting the K&N intake I bought thru its paces and to be dead honest with you all.  I wasnt exactly eager to make the switch to the short ram intake.  The cold air intake has been a trusted friend of mine for 10 years 😉

But the more I drive the more I start to enjoy some of the benefits.  But I will cover that later in my formal review.  The one thing I wanted to mention right now was something I saw about 3 months ago on Rick Chongs website.

When I look at this air scoop, i knew that it would be perfect for the K&N short ram for the lancer.  The logic is,  a short ram has one major weakness.  Heat soak.  And this happens because a sealed engine bay keeps the heat from engine trapped under the hood. The K&N intake comes equipped with a heatshield and uses the OEM air scoop to keep the temps low.  The use of a bigger scoop will work to get more outside air directly to the short ram filter.  Below you can see what my current set looks like by this K&N photo.  I will be ordering rick’s scoop to finish my review benchmark test.

Rick’s website is .  He has a great list of mods he makes himself and manufacturing partners like Scorpion.