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Time for a good fuel system cleaning.

Time for a good fuel system cleaning.


When comes to keeping the car in tip top condition, it doesn’t hurt to give the car a good dose of fuel system cleaner.  Red Line offers a product which does the trick and can give noticeable improvements on older cars.  Now that my Lancer has crossed over the 100k mile mark.  This is a good time to clean out the fuel system and injectors.



Happy Holidays and end of the Mitsubishi world?


We seemed to get thru the real Mayan end of the world just fine.  But again many out there tend to think that Mitsubishi may fall on it’s sword in the new year.  Many posted this video link on the internet which caused a bit of stir lately. Is this true?  The short answer is…. No.  While yes Mitsubishi is suffering a huge cash crunch as they restart the franchise, and yes their marketing for the past 4 years has been less than stellar.   Mostly because of 3 big factors,  just bad timing, bad luck, and strategic partners that just wasn’t in it to win it.


The marketing and selection of cars in 2007 required a bit more of a broader line up.  The Mitsubishi Lancer was launched successful but because Mitsubishi cut of the cars that made its self great without offering greener options.  This hurt Mitsubishi big time.  The EVO, Lancer, and Outlander became its only winners.  Most of Mitsubishi sales have been because of these 3 variants.  Eclipse didn’t really go anyway.  The number one thing that Mitsubishi missed out on was the Mitsubishi Colt which met all of the objectives for what Mitsubishi wanted.  I have been told that at the time Mitsubishi felt the success of the colt would be marginal.  To be honest, if it was me, I think it would have been the gamble that could have changed the tide of the war.  The green push in my opinion is a good thing, but it was too radical and too quick of a timetable.   Mitsubishi released some ads that completely offended their customer base vs. converted their customer base to greener pastures.

Bad luck?  Yes the Earthquake really hit Mitsubishi and it’s semi sister company Nissan very hard.  A lot of production was tide together in Japan, and the earthquake caused massive delays.


One of things that really huge Mitsubishi was the world engine alliance.  The birth of the 4B11 engine was both a great thing for the world but a bad bet/ investment for Mitsubishi.  Sharing technology with Hyundai and Dodge was something that definitely benefited the two others.  Hyundai used the technology in their Hyundai Genesis and made a better product as a result.  Albeit an engine with cast internals, they still understood well enough.  Dodge on the other hand. Took the technology and ran.  Buying out Mitsubishi and Hyundai’s share and making a new partnership with Fiat.  In other words, those wonderful people at Dodge ended their alliance with Mitsubishi again…. and bolted.  They executed the plan of smaller cars by themselves leaving Mitsubishi high and dry.

After all these kicks to the nuts.  Mitsubishi keeps on moving.  If Mitsubishi was not balls in to win this, they would not be signing production agreements for North America.  Mitsubishi Japan has an extensive financial arm that keeps pumping money into this fight.  But to be completely open here. Unless Mitsubishi A) brings in sport options to all of its cars.  (cough cough Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart)  B) Reactivates the Ralliart Japan program… I feel Mitsubishi’s days are numbered.

I am still hopeful that new management will see the light and make the franchise successful in 2013/2014 which they release new cars.





Failed - Injen Cold Air Intake Install - WTF

Failed – Injen Cold Air Intake Install – WTF

When I saw this posted on my car club’s facebook page I almost fell out of my chair.  The reason is because, its really difficult to botch a cold air intake install.  I mean they even include super detailed instructions in every box. There is almost no excuse for this.  Unless you have an extreme fear of water or something, this goes down as an ultimate fail.


Mitsubishi Wiper blades in the winter.

I almost laugh very year when the first super cold day of winter / fall arrives.   The reason is because my Mitsubishi Lancers wiper blades seem to tear themselves apart.   And here is why.   I the winter months we see some car owners lift the wiper blades of the windshield.  The main purpose for this s to prevent them from ripping.   Unfortunately many who do this dont know that this can lessen the lifespan and effectiveness of the blade.

The real reason why blades tear is not because of the cold or ice because of a dirty window surface.   It wasnt until I had some serious training with car care detailers that i understood this.  To be completely honest,  winter conditions aside, keeping your window surface clean as much as possible will go a long way to keeping even the cheapest of blades going an extra 30 percent like longer.  

So how do we do this?

Well I wanna come right out and say it.   I dont think you are doing anyone any favors by using the gas station squigee.  It will not clean your glass.   If anything it will make the situation worse and you risk scratching your glass or window with a crappy squigee.

You have to do all cleaning by hand and with a micro fiber and glass cleaner.   Now this is good for the spring summer and fall but since the winter months throw tons of stuff at your wine w.  You maybe better off buying a glass treatment that helps repel water.   The reason for this is because the treatment will act as a temporary barrier between the glass and outside environment.  Frequent cleaning of the surface will ensure you can go longer between treatments.    The wiper blades will benefit from the reduced glide resistance.   If you have a fear of ice on the glass there are some brands that offer sprays that quickly desolves thick ice.

There are many treatment brands out there and they work ok and as advertised.  People run into trouble and complain it doesnt work.   The key is when the surface is not clean the treatment cant bond to the window surface.  
On my last trip to the usa the rainx brand was what i picked up.  It does the job but is not the best out there.

Hope that helps guys.

A new Mitsubishi Lancer Ad

Finally. Finally the Mitsubishi gets some love and some advertising dollars. Its taken a really long time to get a good ad focused on the Lancer.


Mitsubishi August 2012 car sales and the look forward.

Mitsubishi August 2012 car sales and the look forward.

Mitsubishi’s Sales numbers are feeling like a “Hurt Locker”.

Brand/Company Vol. % Aug. 2012 Aug. 2011 DSR* % Aug. 2012 Aug. 2011
Mitsubishi -38.95 4,249 6,960 -41.21 157.37 267.69

Source: Autoblog by the numbers:

The rapid decline was worse than expected by most inside and outside of Mitsu.  While part of the problem is a lack of a full line up.  The bigger problem is that the identity and image of Mitsubishi has shifted around from a EVO X powerhouse with Rally roots to a Eco-centric to rapidly reduce Mitsubishi’s carbon foot print on the world.  The vision is very noble.  but its hard to convince your local fans that this is the path to take especially since the only thing they have seen is an I-Miev.  Something that is …..

*not very attractive
*doesnt offer much in the way of amenities
*and sacrifices everything to be ECO GREEN!

For some… this may be the car they are looking for.  There is a market for it.  But maybe the North American market isn’t ready for it. “YET”.  I feel that time is close at hand.  With economic conditions in the US getting worse with huge national debt and a hurting jobs situation.  Very soon penny pinching on fuel and cutting back on costs will be the new trend.  Maybe… maybe not… the car market is something very hard to predict.

Some may still snicker and laugh about the Mitsubishi electric car.  But I will say this… they have proven that a car like this does work and can survive in the North American market.  And the technology implimented here can be ported over to other cars boosting their efficiency and or power.  An electric assist application for an EVO or the mainstay of the future line up can be a huge bonus.  Especially when it works.   I cant tell you how many horror stories i hear about other electric car system that literally go up in smoke.

When I asked my friend in Mitsubishi Japan about what the strategy is… the short of it was.  The road map of the Mitsubishi car line up wasnt a graceful 4 point or even 3 point turn change over.  But a straight line from point A to B.  This just didnt give anyone including Mitsubishi staff globally time to adjust and understand the new course.  The one thing my contact urged is that the worse is behind us.  Mitsubishi has been hard at work in the R&D labs bringing forward new technologies and new platforms.  Mitsubishi has formally ended most if not all ties to Chrysler/Dodge first with the engine alliance split in 2008 – 2009.  And now moving to platforms that highlight Mitsubishi design without the joint venture kinda stuff they have done for the past 10 years.  One relationship that Mitsubishi will probably still want to keep is the strategic partnership now is Nissan.  The implimentation of the CVT platform is seen as a success for both Mitsubishi and Nissan.  While the market overall still looks at CVT with hesitation.  Both companies have enjoyed very low failure rates and warranty issues.  This and other technologies Mitsubishi would be wise to keep.   Going forward it is possible to see one or two cars jointly developed for the North American market.  But Mitsubishi has not revealed its 5 to 10 year road map for the future.

In the mean time sales numbers for 2012 may lag until the new vehicles are rolled out in 2013 and 2014 production years.  The Mitsubishi Lancer and Evo are both up for redesign or at the very least a face lift.

On a more up beat note.  Developments of the next generation EVO progress.  Its entirely possible that spy pics may be surfacing this fall.  I actually get a chance to travel to meet Mitsubishi Japan officials.  So I will report back with a formal interview.  It’s my hope I can get my hands on juice details :)

Second… it is entirely possible that the EVO X may have a special edition send off that may see enhanced power packages and see the car serialized.  This was something discussed with those close to the EVOSOUL team in Japan.  But again time will tell.  If i hear anything. I will definitely report back.



Rick Chong's Upgraded armrest is in!  Reviewed

Rick Chong’s Upgraded armrest is in! Reviewed

Rick sent over the armrest pretty quick.  Shipping was pretty quick via EMS (5 days from Singapore).  Rick said he send over the step by step instructions for installing this wonderful mod. But because I felt like a kid on Xmas day I couldn’t wait and took matters into my hands.   Now keep in mind this install is the shortcut method and isnt recommended.  Rick will soon post official proper instructions in a week or so.


So this is what I started with.  A cluttered center console area and an oem armrest that wasn’t really good for anything. To small to use as an arm rest and too limited in storage use.

Last weekend I took the time to install my armrest.  I looked for easy access points to remove the old one and here is what i found.

First i looked at the construction / integration of the armrest hinge and decided to attack this from the back.


I then used a flat screw driver to access the hinge of the armest from the back side. As you can see from the picture above the back of my center console already looks like crap.  So further scratching was the last thing on my mind.  But with extra care you can access open the rear section pretty easy.  There are 3 large bump clips along the top and about 4 on each side of this panel.


After popping the clips you will notice that the panel doesnt fully disconnect.  Near the bottom there are two screws that keep that panel captive.  :(


I decided to break one of the clips held by the screw seen in the picture above. The logic was that those screws were not needed to hold the back panel in place.  There were a dozen clips on all 3 sides.


After exposing the work area.  A philips screw driver will be your next best friend.  There are 5 screws that hold down your armrest hinge.


Start with the pair smaller screws first and work your way to the group of 3 larger screws.


Once you got the hinge off the arm rest comes right out.


Right away you can see the size difference of the armrest.  Oem on the right and the newer deeper + longer armrest on the left.




Once you fit the new armest on, reverse the steps with the screws and push the back plate back in to place.


The only mistake I made at the end was using the screw driver to ease the plate back.  Dont.  Just use a fist and punch it into place.

And presto.  You are done!

The two major benefits once again.


* Utility storage space is priceless for storing valuables or your wallet,  especially if you cup holders are already full.



* armrest extension reach is perfect.  And wide enough for your passenger to utilize without making elbow contact.  Unless you have monster arms.  Either way it will make your lancer or Evo more comfortable to drive.

As a review here is how i score this type of mod.

The utility value factor of this mod is high.  It adds needed storage space to the lancer/evo.  The factor space is decent but you tend to fill it with cellphones, keys, or other crap we drop in our cars.  Where there is room for improvement is expanded the utility compartment to fit large smart phone like the samsung note.

I have a Sony Xperia S and my phone fits perfectly.  It is of good average smart phone size.

This armest is an upgrade over the oem style armrest.   It is made of a leatherette with stitching and has a decent feel to it.   It is padded well but could use more to make it perfect.  It is still comfortable enough to not bruise yoir elbow with extended use.  The reason why this gets an 8 of 10 is because the armrest extends out to better support your arm.

The price point is attractive at 250 shipped.  And here is my simple logic.  My Lancer and EvoX project cars are 4 years old and I do a hell of a lot of driving.  And anything that makes ot easier and more comfortable is very important to me.   It’s not for everyone.  Some wont care about comfort or storage but i know for a fact driving with this mod is addictive and I notice it not there when i switch vehicles.

Looking to order Rick’s arm rest upgrade.  Email him at

Or visit his ebay store

The Arm Rest for the Lancer/Ralliart/EvoX is finally done.

The Arm Rest for the Lancer/Ralliart/EvoX is finally done.

Rick Chong from has finally completed the arm rest option that I have been begging Mitsubishi to do for 3 years. Letter requests and all.   Bit now Rick and his team at Scorpion has stepped up.

Here is the sample that he sent to me.






As you can see its pretty straight forward in design and adds a utility try where you can store you personal effects.   One thing I cant stand ia not having a place to put my keys or my wallet.   Sometimes my cup tray is full of crap or drinks and no where to put stuff.   This solves that.   But where this goes above and beyond is the arm rest sliding forward.   This is perfect to give you support for you elbow and makes driving a pleasure.   Here are some pictures comparing oem vs.  Rick’s option


Price will start around 250 but to me it is totally worth it for a leatherette armrest with utility tray.   What do you think?

Old Thread from the past. Exhaust Header Theory for the Mitsubishi Lancer 2008+

Here is a thread that got dug up a long time ago. Posted Sept 2008


I promised to open up the discussion on headers and provide a bit of information for those who dont know much about exhaust flow and want to get caught up and join the discussion.

~~~ Preamble

When it comes to discussions and only debates about headers, the one debate you will come across in searches is the debate over 4 – 1 headers vs. 4 – 2 – 1 headers. Its important to realize the fundamental differences between the two. Both make power. Both could be used in any setup. Both are likely to please with the end result. But if you are doing a car build up, say for max TQ, or maybe Max HP, you gotta be aware of what direction you are going in with all the mods you buy. Personally, being an owner of a CVT equipped Lancer, I know that my primary focus is low end TQ. The logics or school of thought may differ from others, which is fine. Everyone has a different goal, but mine looks at the Lancers engine as a TQ machine, meaning TQ for me is #1. Specifically because running a CVT you know that it operates in normally within the 1500 – 2500 range 85% of the time. Raising the TQ curve can give you a noticable bump in performance that can be felt even before you hit the dyno for verification. Second point, look at the dyno sheets, if you look at the manufacturers HP / TQ power at the crank. And then look at those aftermarket sheets showing much improved TQ numbers, some that even match or surpass the HQ numbers.

Now I encourage everyone to weight in on this topic, about what your goals are for your car and what it is your trying to improve. My quest for low end TQ has been difficult, because the media (mags and online tuning sites) in my opinion continues to drive home the focus is only on HP, HP, HP. but when you stop to think about it, its really TQ that wins the day. I have been eagerly awaiting a 4-2-1 header for months. I was glad to see RRM’s 4-1 header when would provide a great overall performance increase and impressive HP numbers. But my search for a 4-2-1 option continues, but maybe maybe not for too much longer, there is some buzz that by next year more aftermarket vendors will join the fight and introduce more exhaust options. for both the 2.4 and 2.0 lancers. 

I will be performing a head to head shootout with a custom 421 header and the well known and vetted RRM Header.

For those who want to getting into the header debate, there is a specific reading that I recommend that keeps things in plain enough english so that everyone can get caught up. Now as I say with every sourced reading, try not to take it as the final word, or even a 100% correct, some are theories, with even referencing to support itself. I believe it to be informative, and should make you want to go out and learn more with further research.

~~~~Recommended reading :…sp?ArticleID=2
written by Michael Delaney

If you have been tuning for a while, then you know once you say honda or acura you know exactly where we are going. Hondas or known for great high RPM HP performance, but a complete dead horse interms of TQ. You have to know how to drive flat out and how to corner and keep those RPM’s high. Many vendors have been trying to address this TQ problem with more targeted upgrades, in this case a 4 2 1 header. 
This article has great information and I suggest you read all 5 pages and join the debate.

~~~~Further thoughts
I have made the request to two vendors to think about creating this option I think a 421 header if it can be done correctly would further boost low to mid range performance. Hurdles to overcome, the positioning of the CAT and distance from the exhaust manifold may limit options. in some cases longer piping solutions further help with design and performance, this leaves ideas open on a Header + Cat + Back complete solutions with an approved Catalitic coverter, but once you start messing with the cat your warranty could come into question. Second, 421 headers are more difficult to manufacture, and more can go wrong. a 4-1 header maybe easier to get into. RRM has launched its header sometime ago with a very low, almost none existent trouble history. I heard of one issue and that was resolved almost over night, which is typical of the entire line of products. When your this close to the pulse of the community its very easy to manage your RMA’s and product planning.

Share your comments, agree, disagree or just dont understand. Share them… the bigger the discussion the better


The Projects leading up to MOD 2012

The USA Evosoul team has been hard at work prepping project cars and new products for mod.  Our focus this year will be both on the Ralliart and Evo X.  A lot has changed in the past month or so.  Our Evosoul team has been turned into a think tank and we are now at the centre of many new Mitsubishi projects for current and future platforms.

July will be the offical launch of my Evosoul select facebook page and will also start the migration to a new webpage.

I have reviewed over 50 products hands on and will be putting this matrix of info up to benefit those who own a Mitsubishi Lancer, Ralliart, and Evo.

more on that later.