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Mitsubishi shows of its "Concept" Diesel Hybrid Pickup

Mitsubishi shows of its “Concept” Diesel Hybrid Pickup

To a Mitsubishi owner familure with the last 20 years of the brand.  People will seem a little confused maybe disoriented.  But….. This is a very important technological step forward as Mitsubishi shows off the future hybrid powertrain.  The fact that this variant is a Diesel isnt important (believe it or not).  The important aspect of this will be the integration of the electric motor to the Drivetrain and the TQ being applied.  ???? What????

What am I getting at???  When Mitsubishi releases the next generation EVO X.  Low end TQ will be a huge focus.  The power figures will be significantly boosted over the current generation EVO on the market today.   Mitsubishi has been making great progress into a transmission system that can handle extreme amounts of TQ.  In the coming weeks or months look for Mitsubishi to start dropping hints of what is to come.

Modified Mag asks the question. Will the next EVO be accepted by the community?

This one has been bouncing around the radar screen for a few months, but things are coming into focus. It’s hard to park the words “Lancer Evolution” and “hybrid” next to each other and keep a straight face, but that’s what’s on the table. With the decidedly lacking performance of the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid, the big question is, Can a hybrid EVO really squeeze the adrenal glands like the first 10 iterations? Will this car, expected sometime in 2014, be a true EVO hybrid featuring the current 4B11 turbo and some type of electric assist? Will the Diamond Star boys mix in a diesel engine, and what kind of true performance will that combo yield? We hear the EVO’s AWD system will live on, possibly in conjunction with four-wheel steering and an active suspension system, but many of the EVO faithful are asking, When does an EVO cease to be an EVO? We have about 1,100 days until we find out.


While there is super speculation going on in the forums and in the cabins of every Lancer Evolution in the world.  What is coming next?   While I do speak to my Mitsu HQ Japan contact often.  There are still two road maps in play.  With a 3rd variant being added only last month.  When I flesh out more details are better fleshed out, I will report back and give a heads up.  But initial reports say that if the project does come to life, its going to make a lot of EVO owners clap.  Not that slow clap.  But actually standing up and clapping with vigor 😉

Time will tell.  Till then, soldier on!

News: Mitsubishi Electric Car Could Offer AC Plug-In

Mitsubishi Motors’ forthcoming electric vehicle might incorporate an AC power adapter that will allow owners to plug in electrical devices ranging from rice cookers to microwave ovens. Currently in the trial stage, the AC adapter is seen as a potential solution to the electrical power problems facing Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami there in March.

“If there’s a remote location that’s having trouble getting electricity, the people there can feed themselves using the power from their EVs,” Maurice Durand, a spokesman for Mitsubishi Motors North America, told me. “It allows them to not have to tap into the grid to run an accessory to cook their rice.”

The AC adapter is being tried on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV in Japan (known as the Mitsubishi i in the US). Durand says the i-MiEV’s 330V electrical architecture is ideal for such applications. Unlike many conventional gasoline-burning vehicles, which use 12V electrical architectures, the i-MiEV employs the high voltage needed for accessory applications.

“It’s considerably easier to do this on an EV,” Durand says. “This vehicle has a 330V battery, and a management system that’s designed for that voltage.”

Durand says the AC accessory could be particularly important in Japan. Much of that country is now employing a staggered work week as a means of smoothing out the damaged grid’s peak loads.

Although the i-MiEV’s lithium-ion battery requires charging, it offers the advantage of being able to store power for brownouts, and for users who aren’t within easy reach of the grid.

To be sure, many gasoline-burning vehicles incorporate onboard 110V AC power connectors, which enable users to plug in refrigerators and other appliances when power gets knocked out. Such vehicles, however, use higher voltage electrical architectures, which is why hybrids and electric cars are better suited for AC accessories.

The Toyota Prius, Lexus hybrid SUV, and Ford Escape hybrid, for example, have all employed electrical architectures of 300V, 400V, 500V, and even 600V. Those electrical architectures enable design engineers to easily add an AC power connection, which allows contractors to run power tools and outdoorsmen to plug in heaters.

Mitsubishi’s all-electric i-MiEV incorporates a 16kWh battery that’s capable of providing 62 miles of range, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s “real-world” driving evaluation. The vehicle, weighing between 2,300lb and 2,500lb, is also rated at 112MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in combined city and highway driving. In contrast, the all-electric Nissan Leaf offers a range of 73 miles and an efficiency of 99MPGe.

Durand says it’s not yet known whether the company’s Mitsubishi i will incorporate the AC accessory when it reaches the US market in November. “It’s not just a matter of this accessory making the EV more appealing. Right now, there are energy issues in Japan.”

SOURCE: Charles Murray

Why Mitsubishi should think carefully about Hybrid Technology!

Why Mitsubishi should think carefully about Hybrid Technology!

Nissan made a painful decision earlier this year.   The decided to drop the Altima Hybrid for the 2012 year.   Sales were… just not there.  Also I think we have reached a peak in hybrid interest.  The problem is the arms race between next generation technology is heating up.   Some automakers have opted to stay out of the green hype and continue to refine their powertrain technology and make more fuel efficient engines.   Others have put turbo technology to work.  Making them very green when mated with smaller displacement engines.  The Chevy cruze makes an outstanding fuel economy numbers.  Something that the Mitsubishi Colt currently available in Europe can do if optimized just right.  While its rumored the Colt is in redesign, the current generation is ready to go and just right for this type of market.