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Time for another oil change for the Lancer GTS

Time for another oil change for the Lancer GTS

As many of you know from my old blog, I change my oil at normal intervals.  But now that my car has passed its warranty threshold, I am not changing my oil at extended intervals.  There are very few oils that can do this.  The one I have relied on for many years is the Mobil 1 Extended performance oil.  I have many cars that I go 20k, 25k or 28k (kilometers) for oil changes.  I send the oil out for analysis and everything is fine and dandy in terms of wear.  Now with my older cars, oil consumption tends to happen a little more so frequent top ups during this extended period are needed.  The other day on facebook I was asked if I had to change my oil filter mid way.  My answer was no.  I rely on Royal Purple or K&N oil filters which have the capacity and filtration that I need for extended intervals.   For my lancer, I have gotten up to about 22k (kilometer) oil changes without a problem or oil consumption.  My weapon of choice is Mobil 1 Extended performance.  I purchase it when I make my USA boarder run from Toronto and bring back a few 5Qt jugs from Walmart.

A good investment which I can pass on 1 or 2 normal interval changes without sacrificing performance and wear protection.

Till the next oil change.

Old Thread from the past. Exhaust Header Theory for the Mitsubishi Lancer 2008+

Here is a thread that got dug up a long time ago. Posted Sept 2008


I promised to open up the discussion on headers and provide a bit of information for those who dont know much about exhaust flow and want to get caught up and join the discussion.

~~~ Preamble

When it comes to discussions and only debates about headers, the one debate you will come across in searches is the debate over 4 – 1 headers vs. 4 – 2 – 1 headers. Its important to realize the fundamental differences between the two. Both make power. Both could be used in any setup. Both are likely to please with the end result. But if you are doing a car build up, say for max TQ, or maybe Max HP, you gotta be aware of what direction you are going in with all the mods you buy. Personally, being an owner of a CVT equipped Lancer, I know that my primary focus is low end TQ. The logics or school of thought may differ from others, which is fine. Everyone has a different goal, but mine looks at the Lancers engine as a TQ machine, meaning TQ for me is #1. Specifically because running a CVT you know that it operates in normally within the 1500 – 2500 range 85% of the time. Raising the TQ curve can give you a noticable bump in performance that can be felt even before you hit the dyno for verification. Second point, look at the dyno sheets, if you look at the manufacturers HP / TQ power at the crank. And then look at those aftermarket sheets showing much improved TQ numbers, some that even match or surpass the HQ numbers.

Now I encourage everyone to weight in on this topic, about what your goals are for your car and what it is your trying to improve. My quest for low end TQ has been difficult, because the media (mags and online tuning sites) in my opinion continues to drive home the focus is only on HP, HP, HP. but when you stop to think about it, its really TQ that wins the day. I have been eagerly awaiting a 4-2-1 header for months. I was glad to see RRM’s 4-1 header when would provide a great overall performance increase and impressive HP numbers. But my search for a 4-2-1 option continues, but maybe maybe not for too much longer, there is some buzz that by next year more aftermarket vendors will join the fight and introduce more exhaust options. for both the 2.4 and 2.0 lancers. 

I will be performing a head to head shootout with a custom 421 header and the well known and vetted RRM Header.

For those who want to getting into the header debate, there is a specific reading that I recommend that keeps things in plain enough english so that everyone can get caught up. Now as I say with every sourced reading, try not to take it as the final word, or even a 100% correct, some are theories, with even referencing to support itself. I believe it to be informative, and should make you want to go out and learn more with further research.

~~~~Recommended reading :…sp?ArticleID=2
written by Michael Delaney

If you have been tuning for a while, then you know once you say honda or acura you know exactly where we are going. Hondas or known for great high RPM HP performance, but a complete dead horse interms of TQ. You have to know how to drive flat out and how to corner and keep those RPM’s high. Many vendors have been trying to address this TQ problem with more targeted upgrades, in this case a 4 2 1 header. 
This article has great information and I suggest you read all 5 pages and join the debate.

~~~~Further thoughts
I have made the request to two vendors to think about creating this option I think a 421 header if it can be done correctly would further boost low to mid range performance. Hurdles to overcome, the positioning of the CAT and distance from the exhaust manifold may limit options. in some cases longer piping solutions further help with design and performance, this leaves ideas open on a Header + Cat + Back complete solutions with an approved Catalitic coverter, but once you start messing with the cat your warranty could come into question. Second, 421 headers are more difficult to manufacture, and more can go wrong. a 4-1 header maybe easier to get into. RRM has launched its header sometime ago with a very low, almost none existent trouble history. I heard of one issue and that was resolved almost over night, which is typical of the entire line of products. When your this close to the pulse of the community its very easy to manage your RMA’s and product planning.

Share your comments, agree, disagree or just dont understand. Share them… the bigger the discussion the better


Week 2 - Driver side painting experiment - PlastiDip fun

Week 2 – Driver side painting experiment – PlastiDip fun

Had a long Friday and Saturday.  The only thing I could think about was painting the car.  So Sunday I went to the shop thinking I could bang out a quick paint job and be home before the girlfriend even notices I am gone.  Ha… it wasnt that quick, there were a lot of things I under estimated how long it would take.  But here is what I went into battle with.  All items you can get at your local dollar stores for a shoe string budget under 20 bucks.


1.Painters Tape $2
2. Neoprene touch Gloves $2
3. Knee Pads $2
4. Cleaning Microfiber + kit $2
5. Box Cutters $1.25
6. Bottle Spray  $2
7. Isopropyl Alcohol 3.50
8. Nitrile Gloves $2
9. Basic Industrial Mask –  $1.50 (real industrial mask recommended – explain why later)
10. Newspaper – Free


Now let me start with the one item on this list that fucked me repeatedly.  The most compassionate thing I can do is to tell you guys.  DO NOT BUY CHEAP DOLLAR STORE PAINTERS TAPE.   Now I fully well preach to people not to cheap out on things.  But I clearly ran a foul and paid the price.  I will go into that later on.



Plastidip the fender :)

Plastidip the fender :)

Got two fenders done as a test.  I think next I will tackle the whole left side of the car next weekend.

Cleaning away all the salt crap - The joys of winter

Cleaning away all the salt crap – The joys of winter

If you live anywhere in north america that gets snow.  Then you know about the joy of having pounds of road salt getting stuck to your paint like you wouldn’t believe.   Today I decide to take my car to the local car ways and get some cleaning done.

But lets be honest.   I really don’t clean my lancer all that often.  I mean whats the point.  You wake up Sunday, wash the car, and then by Tuesday its dirty again with more salt, or dirt from melting snow.  Today was special.  I decide to go for it and repaint my car.  Going from the Black to Matte black with the help of “PlastiDip” .  Now if you haven’t head of Plastidip, then your from a different planet.   Plastidip is basically an aerosol rubber paint.  You spray it on in layers to build up a nice matte black finish.   The extra bonus of Plastidip would be the fact that its removable and doesnt harm your cars paint job.

I committed to doing 2 panels a week (assuming the weather plays nice).  by late spring my car should be converted to a nice stealthy machine :)

I will keep you guys in the loop with pictures as I go.  So far the fenders and HOS Urban front lip are painted and look great.