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Mitsubishi shows of its "Concept" Diesel Hybrid Pickup

Mitsubishi shows of its “Concept” Diesel Hybrid Pickup

To a Mitsubishi owner familure with the last 20 years of the brand.  People will seem a little confused maybe disoriented.  But….. This is a very important technological step forward as Mitsubishi shows off the future hybrid powertrain.  The fact that this variant is a Diesel isnt important (believe it or not).  The important aspect of this will be the integration of the electric motor to the Drivetrain and the TQ being applied.  ???? What????

What am I getting at???  When Mitsubishi releases the next generation EVO X.  Low end TQ will be a huge focus.  The power figures will be significantly boosted over the current generation EVO on the market today.   Mitsubishi has been making great progress into a transmission system that can handle extreme amounts of TQ.  In the coming weeks or months look for Mitsubishi to start dropping hints of what is to come.

Happy Holidays and end of the Mitsubishi world?


We seemed to get thru the real Mayan end of the world just fine.  But again many out there tend to think that Mitsubishi may fall on it’s sword in the new year.  Many posted this video link on the internet which caused a bit of stir lately. Is this true?  The short answer is…. No.  While yes Mitsubishi is suffering a huge cash crunch as they restart the franchise, and yes their marketing for the past 4 years has been less than stellar.   Mostly because of 3 big factors,  just bad timing, bad luck, and strategic partners that just wasn’t in it to win it.


The marketing and selection of cars in 2007 required a bit more of a broader line up.  The Mitsubishi Lancer was launched successful but because Mitsubishi cut of the cars that made its self great without offering greener options.  This hurt Mitsubishi big time.  The EVO, Lancer, and Outlander became its only winners.  Most of Mitsubishi sales have been because of these 3 variants.  Eclipse didn’t really go anyway.  The number one thing that Mitsubishi missed out on was the Mitsubishi Colt which met all of the objectives for what Mitsubishi wanted.  I have been told that at the time Mitsubishi felt the success of the colt would be marginal.  To be honest, if it was me, I think it would have been the gamble that could have changed the tide of the war.  The green push in my opinion is a good thing, but it was too radical and too quick of a timetable.   Mitsubishi released some ads that completely offended their customer base vs. converted their customer base to greener pastures.

Bad luck?  Yes the Earthquake really hit Mitsubishi and it’s semi sister company Nissan very hard.  A lot of production was tide together in Japan, and the earthquake caused massive delays.


One of things that really huge Mitsubishi was the world engine alliance.  The birth of the 4B11 engine was both a great thing for the world but a bad bet/ investment for Mitsubishi.  Sharing technology with Hyundai and Dodge was something that definitely benefited the two others.  Hyundai used the technology in their Hyundai Genesis and made a better product as a result.  Albeit an engine with cast internals, they still understood well enough.  Dodge on the other hand. Took the technology and ran.  Buying out Mitsubishi and Hyundai’s share and making a new partnership with Fiat.  In other words, those wonderful people at Dodge ended their alliance with Mitsubishi again…. and bolted.  They executed the plan of smaller cars by themselves leaving Mitsubishi high and dry.

After all these kicks to the nuts.  Mitsubishi keeps on moving.  If Mitsubishi was not balls in to win this, they would not be signing production agreements for North America.  Mitsubishi Japan has an extensive financial arm that keeps pumping money into this fight.  But to be completely open here. Unless Mitsubishi A) brings in sport options to all of its cars.  (cough cough Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart)  B) Reactivates the Ralliart Japan program… I feel Mitsubishi’s days are numbered.

I am still hopeful that new management will see the light and make the franchise successful in 2013/2014 which they release new cars.





Mitsubishi August 2012 car sales and the look forward.

Mitsubishi August 2012 car sales and the look forward.

Mitsubishi’s Sales numbers are feeling like a “Hurt Locker”.

Brand/Company Vol. % Aug. 2012 Aug. 2011 DSR* % Aug. 2012 Aug. 2011
Mitsubishi -38.95 4,249 6,960 -41.21 157.37 267.69

Source: Autoblog by the numbers:

The rapid decline was worse than expected by most inside and outside of Mitsu.  While part of the problem is a lack of a full line up.  The bigger problem is that the identity and image of Mitsubishi has shifted around from a EVO X powerhouse with Rally roots to a Eco-centric to rapidly reduce Mitsubishi’s carbon foot print on the world.  The vision is very noble.  but its hard to convince your local fans that this is the path to take especially since the only thing they have seen is an I-Miev.  Something that is …..

*not very attractive
*doesnt offer much in the way of amenities
*and sacrifices everything to be ECO GREEN!

For some… this may be the car they are looking for.  There is a market for it.  But maybe the North American market isn’t ready for it. “YET”.  I feel that time is close at hand.  With economic conditions in the US getting worse with huge national debt and a hurting jobs situation.  Very soon penny pinching on fuel and cutting back on costs will be the new trend.  Maybe… maybe not… the car market is something very hard to predict.

Some may still snicker and laugh about the Mitsubishi electric car.  But I will say this… they have proven that a car like this does work and can survive in the North American market.  And the technology implimented here can be ported over to other cars boosting their efficiency and or power.  An electric assist application for an EVO or the mainstay of the future line up can be a huge bonus.  Especially when it works.   I cant tell you how many horror stories i hear about other electric car system that literally go up in smoke.

When I asked my friend in Mitsubishi Japan about what the strategy is… the short of it was.  The road map of the Mitsubishi car line up wasnt a graceful 4 point or even 3 point turn change over.  But a straight line from point A to B.  This just didnt give anyone including Mitsubishi staff globally time to adjust and understand the new course.  The one thing my contact urged is that the worse is behind us.  Mitsubishi has been hard at work in the R&D labs bringing forward new technologies and new platforms.  Mitsubishi has formally ended most if not all ties to Chrysler/Dodge first with the engine alliance split in 2008 – 2009.  And now moving to platforms that highlight Mitsubishi design without the joint venture kinda stuff they have done for the past 10 years.  One relationship that Mitsubishi will probably still want to keep is the strategic partnership now is Nissan.  The implimentation of the CVT platform is seen as a success for both Mitsubishi and Nissan.  While the market overall still looks at CVT with hesitation.  Both companies have enjoyed very low failure rates and warranty issues.  This and other technologies Mitsubishi would be wise to keep.   Going forward it is possible to see one or two cars jointly developed for the North American market.  But Mitsubishi has not revealed its 5 to 10 year road map for the future.

In the mean time sales numbers for 2012 may lag until the new vehicles are rolled out in 2013 and 2014 production years.  The Mitsubishi Lancer and Evo are both up for redesign or at the very least a face lift.

On a more up beat note.  Developments of the next generation EVO progress.  Its entirely possible that spy pics may be surfacing this fall.  I actually get a chance to travel to meet Mitsubishi Japan officials.  So I will report back with a formal interview.  It’s my hope I can get my hands on juice details :)

Second… it is entirely possible that the EVO X may have a special edition send off that may see enhanced power packages and see the car serialized.  This was something discussed with those close to the EVOSOUL team in Japan.  But again time will tell.  If i hear anything. I will definitely report back.



News: Mitsubishi Motors Japan = Announces Production, Sales and Export Figures for July 2012

Tokyo, August 29, 2012 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for July 2012.

  • Production: total and in Japan
    Total global production for July came in at 94,019 units, 0.8 percent up over July 2011 and the first monthly year-on-year increase in three months since April this year. Production volume in Japan at 46,489 units was 8.5 percent down, the second consecutive year-on-year monthly decrease since May this year. Passenger car output at 40,008 units was 11.8 percent down. Commercial vehicle output at 6,481 units was 18.4 percent up.
  • Sales in Japan
    Vehicle sales in Japan in July totaled 11,134 units, 7.0 percent down on the same month last year and the third consecutive monthly year-on-year decline since April this year. Sales of passenger cars at 8,050 units were 7.5 percent down while sales of commercial vehicles at 3,084 units were 5.7 percent down over the same month last year. Registered vehicle sales volume at 3,861 units was 18.5 percent down while minicar sales volume at 7,273 units was 0.5 percent up on the same month last year.
  • Production overseas
    Overseas production volume totaled 47,530 units, 12.0 percent up over July last year and the fifth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase since February this year. By region, output in Asia at 41,928 units was 24.1 percent up year-on-year boosted chiefly by a 48.0 percent increase at 28,458 units at MMTh in Thailand, this being attributed to the addition of the new Mirage to the production line. In China, output at 1,811 units was 36.4 percent down on July last year. In North America, output at 981 units was 74.2 percent down over the same month last year, due in part to production of the Eclipse and other US-specific models coming to an end and to preparations for the production startup of the new Outlander Sport model. In Europe, output at 871 units was 50.1 percent down on last year. In South America output at 3,750 units was 21.4 percent up over July last year.
  • Export shipments from Japan
    Total exports from Japan of 30,934 units were 24.6 percent down on July 2011, marking the second consecutive monthly year-on-year drop since May this year. Exports to Asia at 894 units were 80.6 percent down year-on-year. Exports to North America at 3,886 units were 49.5 percent down over July last year. Exports to Europe at 16,907 units were 11.2 percent down year-on-year.



News: Mitsubishi iMiEV Evolution crashes on first practice day of Pikes Peak Hill Climb

News: Mitsubishi iMiEV Evolution crashes on first practice day of Pikes Peak Hill Climb

A turn of bad luck for the iMiEV Evolution gearing up for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.   The car went off track and was banged up pretty bad :(  Unfortunately… there is very little time to repair the car before the race… so they may have to bow out.  Fingers crossed the get a good repair crew down there and get it up and running.


Mitsubishi had high hopes for this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, entering a production i-MiEVand a radical racing version called the i-MiEV Evolution into the ever-growing Electric Division. We had our eye on the Evolution model in particular, as the car was specially developed for the hill climb with a tube-frame chassis, sleek carbon fiber body and an all-wheel-drive system.

Things haven’t started quite as Mitsubishi planned, though, with the i-MiEV Evolution crashing during today’s second practice session on the lower third of Pikes Peak. The car overshot one of the many hairpins on the course, ending up in a ditch several feet off the road. There’s no word on whether the incident was due to a mechanical problem or driver error, but the car looks to be pretty heavily damaged. Fortunately, driver Hiroshi Masuoka, one of Mitsubishi’s test drivers and two-time Dakar Rally winner, was unhurt in the accident.

We don’t know whether the crew at Mitsubishi will be able to repair the car in time for this weekend’s race, but we hope to see it on the mountain come Sunday.

Source:  Drew Phillips

This made me get up and post - Man sue's Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.

This made me get up and post – Man sue’s Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.

It’s been a while between posts.  That I know.  Between working, Car Projects, Girlfriend, and everything else life throws at you, I have been up busy up to my eye balls.  As I put to bed one of my biggest projects which has been keeping me up every night for the past 2 months.  Now I was about to go to bed and something caught my eye.  I just could not resist this one.  Couldn’t let it go.  And I am sure this is going to make you smile :)

Believe it or not, a man is attempting to sue Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.  Dont believe me, read for yourself below.

NORMAL — A man who claims he was seriously injured after being attacked by geese while working in central Illinois has filed a lawsuit.

WJBC Radio reports that Todd Cole filed his lawsuit last month in McLean County, seeking more than $50,000 from the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Motors North America plant in Normal. An Oct. 5 hearing is scheduled.

The lawsuit contends Cole was working for a contractor at the Mitsubishi plant when the geese knocked him down, injuring his right shoulder. Attorney Sean Oswald claims Cole suffered “great pain and anguish, both in mind and body, and will in the future continue to suffer.”

Cole’s lawsuit contends Mitsubishi failed to protect Cole from the geese.

Mitsubishi spokesman Dan Irvin declined to comment on the lawsuit.


How about that? Now I dear not attack the credibility of the claim of this man, but the story just doesnt smell right.

– Evosoul

April Sales Figures -->> Not So Good For Mitsubishi

April Sales Figures –>> Not So Good For Mitsubishi

I spend a great deal of my time up in Canada where I live, but from time to time I travel to the west coast USA to visit the EVOSOUL USA team and check up on projects.  After talking to my contact both in the States and up here in Canada half way thru April, it was clear that April was shaping up to be a “not so good month for Mitsubishi”.  And now we have the confirmation of that with official USA sales figures.   I always like to point everyone to the well put together briefs by John Neff over at the AutoBlog .


Brand/Company Vol. % April 2012 April 2011 DSR* % April 2012 April 2011
Fiat 336.39 3,849 882 390.94 160 33
Chrysler 56.43 31,879 20,379 75.98 1,328 755
Volkswagen 31.47 37,525 28,542 47.91 1,564 1,057
Mercedes-Benz 26.86 24,302 19,157 42.71 1,013 710
Jeep 19.45 38,684 32,384 34.39 1,612 1,199
Audi 15.00 11,521 10,018 29.38 480 371
Toyota 13.05 160,493 141,964 27.18 6,687 5,258
BMW 12.03 21,062 18,801 26.03 878 696
Ram 11.66 21,505 19,260 25.61 896 713
Land Rover 10.40 3,292 2,982 24.20 137 110
Porsche 8.35 3,437 3,172 21.90 143 117
Subaru 6.25 26,310 24,762 19.53 1,096 917
Infiniti 5.44 7,129 6,761 18.62 297 250
Acura 4.92 12,175 11,604 18.04 507 430
GMC 4.48 32,603 31,204 17.54 1,358 1,156
Mazda 4.21 21,506 20,638 17.23 896 764
Dodge 2.09 45,248 44,320 14.86 1,885 1,641
Kia 1.01 47,550 47,074 13.64 1,981 1,743
Hyundai 0.83 62,264 61,754 13.43 2,594 2,287
Lexus -0.14 17,551 17,576 12.34 731 651
Nissan -0.87 64,200 64,765 11.52 2,675 2,399
Honda -2.97 109,837 113,195 9.16 4,577 4,192
Ford -4.66 174,042 182,542 7.26 7,252 6,761
Chevrolet -8.43 155,487 169,794 3.02 6,479 6,289
Mini -11.09 5,731 6,446 0.02 239 239
Lincoln -13.90 6,308 7,326 -3.13 263 271
Jaguar -14.09 1,073 1,249 -3.35 45 46
Buick -16.11 15,446 18,413 -5.63 644 682
Volvo -24.30 4,848 6,404 -14.83 202 237
Cadillac -24.96 9,851 13,127 -15.58 410 486
Mitsubishi -34.66 5,280 8,081 -26.49 220 299
Smart NA 764 0 NA 32 0
Chrysler Group 20.42 141,165 117,225 35.48 5,882 4,342
Toyota Mo Co 11.60 178,044 159,540 25.55 7,419 5,909
BMW Group 6.12 26,793 25,247 19.39 1,116 935
Jaguar LR 3.17 4,365 4,231 16.06 182 157
Nissan NA -0.28 71,329 71,526 12.19 2,972 2,649
American Honda -2.23 122,012 124,799 9.99 5,084 4,622
Ford Mo Co -4.97 180,350 189,778 6.91 7,515 7,029
General Motors -8.24 213,387 232,538 3.23 8,891 8,613

After looking at the numbers above, you kinda wish you could blow the whistle and stop the football defensive line mine from picking up the quarter back and throwing 34.66 yards back for an UGLY sacking.   After talking with my dealer reps that call me for consultations from time to time.  It was very clear that Mitsubishi Lancer sales were continuing to drop as younger customers look elsewhere for sport options.  Second, the gravy train of Mitsubishi Outlander sales has now started to significantly slow.  Outlander Sport aka RVR sales remained steady, but they were no longer carrying the team for the month of April.  In both cases, increased competition was seen carrying customers to other manufacturers.  Some with pricing valuations or better financing terms that could not be matched.  For others, the lack of options available in the Mitsubishi Lancer platform was seen as a hit.  Remember Mitsubishi now equip all of its Lancers with CVT transmission options, but does not offer the All wheel drive option mated to a 5speed transmission.  Other frustrations would be the not having the enhanced Rockford audio option or 18 inch wheels available for the Lancer SE AWD.  Another option that has been requested by owners and potential owners a like would be a 5 speed manual Lancer Ralliart model.

Is there any good news at all?   For the the month that just finished,  No.   For the months ahead, Yes and No.  After speaking to Mitsubishi Japan directly, there are a few sweetener possibly coming to North American dealerships for the Mitsubishi Lancer, Ralliart, and EVO X 2012.   But these may not arrive until later summer at best.  Or possibly not arrive at all if Mitsubishi Japan and USA are not in alignment on policy and strategy.  As soon as I find out more I will post it up for you guys to weigh on anything solid.

That said, getting back to reality.  While I love Mitsubishi to death, things may get worse before they get better.  Product cycle is still not in sync until new production of the Eclipse, Lancer, New Outlander, EVO 11 and new Flagship Luxury Mitsubishi Sedan comes up.  Not expected to happen until 2014-2015.  With increase competition from rivals like






Mitsubishi may take some serious body blows as competition heats up in sportier sedan + two door options and more fuel efficient SUV or cross over vehicles enter the battlefield.  While Mitsubishi’s “i” electric car continues to win victories in the hybrid / electric space.  It has someone shocked many including myself how the overall market has slightly moved away from electric / hybrid cars in the past year and a half, the Honda CRZ may have been the turning point.  Even in the face of potential higher gas prices the market continues to design cars that are not green and in most cases not even better on gas.  That doesnt mean Mitsubishi is on the wrong track, just comes down to timing and what balance their is in the product line up.





Mitsubishi Motors Announces Production, Sales and Export Figures for February 2012

Hiroshima, Mar 29, 2012 – (JCN Newswire) – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for February 2012

Production: global total and Japan

Total global production for February 2012 came in at 102,243 units, 3.3 percent down over February 2011 and the seventh consecutive monthly decrease since July 2011. Production volume in Japan at 52,205 units was 15.2 percent down on February 2011, the seventh consecutive monthly decrease since July 2011. Passenger car output at 45,036 units was 16.3 percent down on the same month last year. Commercial vehicle output at 7,169 units was 8.1 percent down year on year.

Sales in Japan

Vehicle sales in Japan in February 2012 totaled 14,530 units, 5.6 percent up on the same month last year, and exceeded the figure for the previous year for the second consecutive month since December 2011. Sales of passenger cars at 11,137 units were 14.6 percent up and sales of commercial vehicles at 3,393 units were 16.2 percent down respectively year on year. Registered vehicle sales volume at 5,655 units was 32.0 percent up while minicar sales volume at 8,875 units was 6.4 percent down respectively on the same month last year.

Production overseas

Overseas production volume in February 2012 totaled 50,038 units, 13.2 percent up on February 2011 and marked the first year-on-year increase in two months since December 2011. By region, output in Asia at 41,455 units was 22.2 percent up year on year. This was on the back of a 18.3 percent increase at MMTh (23,127 units) as the company worked to regain production lost due to last year’s flooding; a 16.5 percent increase at CMC in Taiwan where there were fewer operating days last year due to the Chinese New Year holiday; a 31.7 percent y-o-y increase in China (8,697 units), and a 36.9 percent increase at Souest Motors (SEM) also stemming from fewer operating days last year due to the Chinese New Year holiday. In North America, output at 2,790 units was 32.3 percent down while in Europe output at 1,353 units was 52.8 percent down on February 2011. In South America, output at 4,440 units was 52.6 percent up year on year.

Export shipments from Japan

Total exports from Japan of 34,168 units in February 2012 were 25.0 percent down year on year, marking the sixth consecutive monthly year-on-year decrease since August 2011. Exports to Asia at 2,254 units were 56.1 percent down year on year. Exports to North America at 4,328 units were 29.6 percent down on the same month last year. Exports to Europe at 15,792 units were 23.4 percent down year on year.

About Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TSE: 7211) was established in 1970 and is one of the few automobile companies in the world that produces a full line of automotive products ranging from 660-cc mini cars and passenger cars to commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks and buses. The company also operates consumer financing services and provides this to its customer base. For more information, please visit

Source: Mitsubishi Motors

Read more:

The New Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi unveils the new Outlander.   Video below has the President of Mitsubishi speaking about the future of this car and hinting on Mitsubishi vehicles to come.


Feb Sales Numbers : Not so pretty :(

I rather enjoy reading the auto sales coverage by Autoblog.  But sometimes it makes me cringe.   It seems that Mitsubishi has had a second rough month.   Unfortunately, the trend is projected to get worse if Mitsubishi can’t reinvigorate its current offerings.  While there are still some lingering issues with production in Asia from the earthquake.  Things have more or less returned to normal.  Nissan and other Japanese Automakers have put a good effort into rebuilding and they posted good sales this month vs. last year.  My own thoughts on the good sales numbers would be the weather.  If you live anywhere in the North then you know how awesome this year has been.  Very little snow and a few days where you can slap on some shorts and bask in the sun.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi is still not out of the woods.  Electric car sales while may be close to meeting internal Mitsubishi expectations, global market demand for Hybrid  and full electric still isnt where it should be. The Obama administration has a long term plan to get more eco options out there. But…. it could take a while.  Meanwhile, in todays market.  Small cars with small engines are winning the day.  Gas prices are on the rise and those who are position with the right cars and engine types will benefit.  In my opinion Mitsubishi Outlander Sport / RVR will continue to grow in sales because of its size and engine displacement.  The rest of the fleet may see a signifcant drop off in sales unless other incentives are put in place to balance things off.  Time will tell!


Source: By the numbers Autoblog

BRANDS Vol. % Feb-12 Feb-11 DSR* % Feb-12 Feb-11
Chrysler 113.87 27,008 12,628 105.32 1,080 526
Jaguar 62.48 1,022 629 55.98 41 26
Smart 58.88 769 484 52.53 31 20
Suzuki 47.60 2,425 1,643 41.69 97 68
Volkswagen 42.47 30,577 21,462 36.77 1,223 894
Mini 42.16 4,980 3,503 36.48 199 146
Kia 37.29 45,038 32,806 31.79 1,802 1,367
Mazda 32.31 25,651 19,387 27.02 1,026 808
Jeep 30.37 37,312 28,619 25.16 1,492 1,192
BMW 29.17 21,204 16,416 24.00 848 684
Land Rover 27.40 3,255 2,555 22.30 130 106
Dodge 27.21 42,692 33,561 22.12 1,708 1,398
Bentley 24.75 126 101 19.76 5 4
Lexus 20.73 16,678 13,814 15.90 667 576
Hyundai 17.50 51,151 43,533 12.80 2,046 1,814
Nissan 17.14 97,492 83,226 12.46 3,900 3,468
Subaru 17.02 25,374 21,683 12.34 1,015 903
Mercedes-Benz 16.90 18,910 16,176 12.23 756 674
Lincoln 16.21 6,912 5,948 11.56 276 248
Ram 14.72 23,282 20,294 10.13 931 846
Ford 14.29 172,207 150,678 9.72 6,888 6,278
Honda 13.33 98,899 87,263 8.80 3,956 3,636
Toyota 11.49 142,745 128,032 7.03 5,710 5,335
Audi 10.03 8,531 7,753 5.63 341 323
Volvo 9.76 5,263 4,795 5.37 211 200
Porsche 6.44 2,149 2,019 2.18 86 84
Chevrolet 5.78 151,197 142,929 1.55 6,048 5,955
Acura 4.28 11,258 10,796 0.11 450 450
Infiniti 1.04 9,239 9,144 -3.00 370 381
GMC 0.14 32,581 32,534 -3.86 1,303 1,356
Buick -11.29 14,023 15,807 -14.83 561 659
Cadillac -27.04 11,505 15,768 -29.95 460 657
Mitsubishi -31.29 4,736 6,893 -34.04 189 287
Fiat NA 3,227 0 NA 129 0
Chrysler Group 40.39 133,521 95,102 34.78 5,341 3,963
Jaguar LR NA 31.72 4,277 3,247 26.45 171 135
BMW Group 31.45 26,184 19,919 26.19 1,047 830
Nissan NA 15.55 106,731 92,370 10.93 4,269 3,849
Ford Mo Co 14.36 179,119 156,626 9.79 7,165 6,526
Toyota Mo Co 12.39 159,423 141,846 7.90 6,377 5,910
American Honda 12.34 110,157 98,059 7.84 4,406 4,086
General Motors 1.10 209,306 207,028 -2.94 8,372 8,626