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Next Generation of CVT Transmissions from Nissan and Mitsubishi

For those of you sitting around waiting for the next move by Mitsubishi, Good news is at hand.   For some who closely watch what goes on in Japan.  You already know that Mitsubishi has already been selling the Mirage all over Asia.  The Mirage and other small vehicles produced by Nissan & Mitsubishi are now using a new type of CVT produced by Jatco.  Jatco is the worlds largest manufacturer of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) and if you drive a Mitsubishi Lancer. Chances are you have a CVT in there.

While these transmissions in general have had their draw backs.  The quest for reliability and fuel economy have been a chief concerns for all companies involved.  Jatco has raised the bar by address some of the criticisms of the CVT.  The main problem would be the lack of performance in acceleration RPM rev-up.    I myself own a Mitsubishi Lancer GTS equipped with a CVT.  I love the smooth ride and decent fuel economy.  But I could not bare the lack of initial response when the car was in D (Drive) mode.  I couldn’t a yellow light at an intersection if my life depended on it.  (Trust me… I don’t try)  Typically one would have to mash the gas pedal or use the manual mode shifter to get the car to dig in and go.

This was something that I solved by purchasing a Sprint Booster for my laggy CVT.  This solved the fuzzy logic of the transmission and allowed the driver to easily control the Power / RPM  to get the exact level performance without having to mash the gas pedal.   Sprint Booster is very liberating.

But…. getting to the good news about fuel CVT transmissions.  It appears that Jatco may have gotten the logic just right for transmission response.  Working with Mitsubishi and Nissan on integration of the new system, throttle response should be improved.  Even if the Mirage isnt your cup of tea…. The next generation of Mitsubishi cars will have the same enhancements.  I didnt even mention the 10% fuel economy bonus.  😉

If you would like to know more about the CVT.  Check out this video.


A new Mitsubishi Lancer Ad

Finally. Finally the Mitsubishi gets some love and some advertising dollars. Its taken a really long time to get a good ad focused on the Lancer.


This made me get up and post - Man sue's Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.

This made me get up and post – Man sue’s Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.

It’s been a while between posts.  That I know.  Between working, Car Projects, Girlfriend, and everything else life throws at you, I have been up busy up to my eye balls.  As I put to bed one of my biggest projects which has been keeping me up every night for the past 2 months.  Now I was about to go to bed and something caught my eye.  I just could not resist this one.  Couldn’t let it go.  And I am sure this is going to make you smile :)

Believe it or not, a man is attempting to sue Mitsubishi for failing to protect him from Geese.  Dont believe me, read for yourself below.

NORMAL — A man who claims he was seriously injured after being attacked by geese while working in central Illinois has filed a lawsuit.

WJBC Radio reports that Todd Cole filed his lawsuit last month in McLean County, seeking more than $50,000 from the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Motors North America plant in Normal. An Oct. 5 hearing is scheduled.

The lawsuit contends Cole was working for a contractor at the Mitsubishi plant when the geese knocked him down, injuring his right shoulder. Attorney Sean Oswald claims Cole suffered “great pain and anguish, both in mind and body, and will in the future continue to suffer.”

Cole’s lawsuit contends Mitsubishi failed to protect Cole from the geese.

Mitsubishi spokesman Dan Irvin declined to comment on the lawsuit.


How about that? Now I dear not attack the credibility of the claim of this man, but the story just doesnt smell right.

– Evosoul

The New Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi unveils the new Outlander.   Video below has the President of Mitsubishi speaking about the future of this car and hinting on Mitsubishi vehicles to come.


Yearning for Mitsubishi to release the Colt in North America!

For 4 years, I have sent a well thought out letter to Mitsubishi Corp to release the Colt (2007+ ) in North America.  It is a small car I would buy in a heart beat.   In 2008, it was a letter that was about half a page.  In 2009, it was about 2 pages long.  In 2010 and 2011 it was about 4 pages long and I articulated every detail as to why I think this car would do exceptionally well in North America.  The response I got was more or less  “We will take it under advisement”.    The reason why I think the Colt would have worked is because there really wasnt anyone in the Turbo small car space in North America.  Sure we had small cars like the Yaris and the Fit.  But nothing with a turbo.    Now we see cars all over the place.  Hyundai Veloster will be hitting the streets next year with a 200 HP turbo small car.   Chevy already jumped in with the Cruze which is borderline small car / mid size sedan.  With talk of more car companies shifting the focus back to turbos to get the fuel economy job done, it makes me scratch my head why we can’t get our hands on the sexy Mitsubishi Colt.

I would buy it in a heart beat.  Hell….. here is my 20,000 dollars now.  Give me a Ralliart Colt with AYC and I say Mitsubishi sells 25,000 in the first year.

The good news is Mitsubishi has told me they have product coming.  They will completely revamp / remap where they are going.  Now to some that sounds scary, but I am the type that doesnt like to judge before seeing the goods.   I and about a Million Mitsu hardcore owners are waiting for what comes next.

In the mean time.  Watch this vid,


Everyone loves a good nature show.  Watch this EVO 9 in its natural habitat!

video claims “Evo IX MR that develops 870+Ps running on Pump gas and low boost of 14psi!”

Mitsubishi releases Outlander Ad Spot

I am happy to see another ad spot come out for Mitsubishi.  Was starting to forget the last time I saw one.  This one was done in a tasteful manner that showcases the handling capabilities of the Outlander Platform.

Mitsubishi on top in Aug numbers: Where is all the love?

Mitsubishi has building a trend.  But its very apparent that not many in the media world are convinced that Mitsubishi has turned the corner.  When I speak to my media contacts about this.  The number one thing I hear is, “they sold 7000 cars, So what”  Now it sounds harsh,  but they do acknowledged that it has been a consistent growing of numbers over the past year.  Mainly due to the popularity of the Outlander and Outlander sport.  But where do we go from here?   Mitsubishi is working diligently on developing a next generation mini / small compact vehicle.  And will shift the landscape of all its vehicles to have a more green sort of touch and feel. No one, including Mitsubishi is 100 % certain how much of shift there will be to the green side.   Mitsubishi is aware its local base of customers and its feelings towards certain vehicles.  THE EVO.   But the next major transition isnt until 2013 /2014 in North America.  Until then, the numbers should remain on this slope of growth.
– Evosoul
Brand Vol. % Aug-11 Aug-10 DSR %* Aug-11 Aug-10
Mitsubishi 62.12 6,960 4,293 55.89 268 172
Jeep 57.99 40,613 25,706 51.91 1,562 1,028
GMC 40.35 36,471 25,986 34.95 1,403 1,039
Suzuki 31.64 2,409 1,830 26.58 93 73
Kia 26.87 41,188 32,465 21.99 1,584 1,299
Chrysler 25.42 22,497 17,937 20.60 865 717
Saab 25.17 363 290 20.36 14 12
Lincoln 24.55 8,006 6,428 19.76 308 257
Nissan 22.43 82,517 67,399 17.72 3,174 2,696
Dodge 18.25 41,817 35,364 13.70 1,608 1,415
Volvo 17.43 5,215 4,441 12.91 201 178
Ford 16.09 167,214 144,035 11.63 6,431 5,761
Chevrolet 15.78 152,779 131,952 11.33 5,876 5,278
Mazda 14.66 22,632 19,739 10.25 870 790
Buick 12.08 16,021 14,294 7.77 616 572
Audi 11.10 10,201 9,182 6.82 392 367
Volkswagen 10.40 25,232 22,855 6.15 970 914
Land Rover 10.34 2,807 2,544 6.09 108 102
Hyundai 9.15 58,505 53,603 4.95 2,250 2,144
Porsche 7.48 2,184 2,032 3.35 84 81
Ram 7.19 22,086 20,604 3.07 849 824
BMW 6.53 20,815 19,540 2.43 801 782
Mercedes-Benz 5.36 20,728 19,674 1.31 797 787
Cadillac 4.09 13,208 12,689 0.09 508 508
Infiniti -4.29 9,024 9,428 -7.97 347 377
Subaru -6.30 20,837 22,239 -9.91 801 890
Lexus -7.00 18,103 19,465 -10.57 696 779
Scion -9.05 3,649 4,012 -12.55 140 160
Smart -9.60 405 448 -13.08 16 18
Toyota -13.61 111,380 128,923 -16.93 4,284 5,157
Acura -21.50 9,054 11,534 -24.52 348 461
Honda -24.62 73,267 97,195 -27.52 2,818 3,888
Mini -29.74 3,109 4,425 -32.44 120 177
Jaguar -42.72 810 1,414 -44.92 31 57
Fiat NA 3,106 0 NA 119 0
Chrysler Group 30.63 130,119 99,611 25.60 5,005 3,984
Nissan NA 19.15 91,541 76,827 14.57 3,521 3,073
GM 18.15 218,479 184,921 13.60 8,403 7,397
Ford Mo Co 11.39 175,220 157,303 7.11 6,739 6,292
BMW Group -0.17 23,924 23,965 -4.01 920 959
Jaguar/LR NA -8.62 3,617 3,958 -12.13 139 158
Toyota Mo Co -12.74 129,483 148,388 -16.10 4,980 5,936
American Honda -24.29 82,321 108,729 -27.20 3,166 4,349

Numbers Table Source: Autoblog

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Meet your new arch Nemesis "XV"

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Meet your new arch Nemesis “XV”


Mitsubishi did a good job with the release of the Outlander sport / rvr.   It was a natural extension of the Outlander that made perfect sense.  Net result has Mitsubishi sales on the up and up for both vehicles in its first year.  Unfortunately…. Subaru, has been working on entering this space with the unveiling of the XV at the Frankfurt car show this month.  Now the XV isn’t exactly a new vehicle.  Its based on a previous design still in play, the Impreza Outback Sport.  But the minor tweaking suggests, that Subaru is interested in being in this market segment.  Which means Mitsubishi might have to play a little more rough in the next 2 years to solidify it’s platforms growth.

Now remember some will say, this is Europe, not North America.  And I say, there are two spaces all manufacturers want to be in globally.

1) The small compact car market, which Mitsubishi kinda missed out on by not exporting the colt to North America in 2008.  Other manufacturers released cars like the Chevy Cruze, Mazda 2, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, etc… generally these vehicles have all been winners for each brand.  With even more manufacturers joining the fight.  classic example would be the Hyundai Veloster, and redesigned accent.

2) Cross over compact SUV – Mitsubishi did enter this space with the RVR just in time.  But further revisions to the platform in my opinion are needed to keep the vehicle relavant as other companies attempt to one up each other.  My sources at Mitsu HQ Japan report that a turbo platform for the RVR was considered, but not executed as Mitsubishi attempts to focus on more green endeavors, namely the I-Miev and the 2013 / 2014 Mini car designs jointly being worked on by Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Did I also mention that it will also feature a CVT transmission?  Subaru has published these Europe spec details.

Described as an “urban adventure” vehicle that blends sporty styling with a casual design, the Impreza-based model has an increased ride height and extended fender flares.  Overall, it measures 4,450mm long, 1,780mm wide and 1,570mm tall.

Power will be provided by a next-generation 2.0-liter Boxer four-cylinder engine that is paired to a Lineartronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) and symmetrical all-wheel drive. Additionally, the car will come equipped with a Dynamic Chassis Control system which makes the vehicle “incredibly safe and secure to drive.”

Read more:

Multiple car blogs have cover on the entire Frankfurt Show.  Auto blog has a great coverage and has focused in on the note worthy events.

SPOCOM Coverage

PVRMOTORSPORTS does a great job capturing all the important details of SPOCOM 😉