Subaru WRX will go its own way: Mitsubishi / Subaru Cold War renews

Image source: Motor Trend

Subaru has decided to spin the WRX off on its own.  These changes will be phased in within the next 3 years.  Subaru has dropped the gauntlet first, but some argue is Subaru even paying attention to Mitsubishi.  Some say the Mitsubishi EVO X won in its latest generation battle with the STI… .  While the war has gone on for years.  Does it make sense to keep going?   Your damn right it does..  main reason.  PRIDE!!! and if there is one thing about pride…. Logic isnt required.    Now since the WRX is more on the level of the Mitsubishi Ralliart, will Mitsubishi respond and send its second tier bomber in pursuit?  Inside sources say, “No…. well maybe…. well we have something in development”  No one will comment on the record.  Mitsubishi is at a cross roads.  And are still torn between two road maps for the future of the Mitsubishi EVO Program.  There is a “Very Green camp” and there is the “Kinda Green camp”  With the leaks that have come out saying the EVO X is no more was a bit premature, and the backlash that has come from that has given more weight to the side that wishes to continue the Mitsubishi EVO dynasty.  Japan HQ informants say a final decision of the road map is due for August 1st (it is unlikely any decision will be made public for sometime after that), and this will set the direction of Mitsubishi for the next 5 years.

Time will tell.

For those who care to know more about what Subaru is doing, read the break down over age Motortrend, (

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