Time for another oil change for the Lancer GTS

As many of you know from my old blog, I change my oil at normal intervals.  But now that my car has passed its warranty threshold, I am not changing my oil at extended intervals.  There are very few oils that can do this.  The one I have relied on for many years is the Mobil 1 Extended performance oil.  I have many cars that I go 20k, 25k or 28k (kilometers) for oil changes.  I send the oil out for analysis and everything is fine and dandy in terms of wear.  Now with my older cars, oil consumption tends to happen a little more so frequent top ups during this extended period are needed.  The other day on facebook I was asked if I had to change my oil filter mid way.  My answer was no.  I rely on Royal Purple or K&N oil filters which have the capacity and filtration that I need for extended intervals.   For my lancer, I have gotten up to about 22k (kilometer) oil changes without a problem or oil consumption.  My weapon of choice is Mobil 1 Extended performance.  I purchase it when I make my USA boarder run from Toronto and bring back a few 5Qt jugs from Walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mobil-1-Extended-Performance-5W-30-Full-Synthetic-Motor-Oil-5-qt/17128876

A good investment which I can pass on 1 or 2 normal interval changes without sacrificing performance and wear protection.

Till the next oil change.

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